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Honoring & Supporting

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The Defenders Network


Over 183K Franchise Businesses connected

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Proud Supporter / Partner of VetFran 

Franchising Opportunities


If you are a Franchisor with a Franchise Opportunity, 

The Defenders Network displays business opportunities to our members. Add your Franchise opportunity on our members Defenders Gateway App where our members can reach you directly! Share a logo and link to your franchise opportunity on our website. 



If your business offers a discount to our Nation’s Defenders, Military Veterans and First Responders, Thank You! 

The Defenders Network and Defenders Gateway App offers an affordable opportunity for the franchisee owner. We will list your business location(s) on the Defenders Gateway App, increasing foot traffic, and grow your loyal customer base. The Defenders Gateway App is a National Resource Hub for our nation’s Defenders. They will seek out those businesses that support them. 

Become a Business Support Member today! 

Network Franchise Partners
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Click "logo" to see Military Franchise Ownership Opportunity
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